Exploring Johanna River Farm, the Otways and the Great Ocean road region at different times of the year is wonderful.  There are an array of Australian Native Animals which call this region home.  Spring time can be a noisy time with Koalas calling out from the forests – trying to attract their mates.  Have you ever heard the noises a koala makes?  A large variety of birds visit the cottage gardens and forests and seem particularly vocal early morning and dusk.  Mobs of Kangaroos and their joeys appear at different times throughout the year.  As do the Possums – we have both Ring Tail Possums and the bigger, noiser Brush Tail Possum.   Cottage guests often do night time walks around the cottage gardens, star gazing and ‘spotlighting’ our nocturnal native animals.   You might see Micro Bats  flitting  around the garden lights after a feed of insects at night time too. 

Other, tiny marsupials, like pygmy possums, and antechinus also visit the farm and cottages – So cute. 

Echidnas seem most active in Winter and Spring – we saw an Echidna ‘Love Train’ last winter during their  mating season. 

A variety of reptiles favor the warmer Summer weather.  So we always recommend our guests wear good boots when exploring the farm.   At the end of Autumn we usually have juvenile male platypus appear in the pond and if you’re lucky you might spot them in the Johanna river. 

Platypus at Johanna River Farm & Cottages Great Ocean Road