We love seeing native wildlife at the farm – the huge variety of bird life, the Koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, the platypus in the river and sometimes in the pond and sometimes even the snakes and other reptiles can be interesting to watch (from a distance).

This winter on the farm we witnessed an Echidna love train.  There was one female in front and two large males following her around.  We watched for ages –  Eventually one of the males was distracted by digging up dirt and finding something for his dinner.  He was left behind as the female continued her journey with one male still in pursuit.  


During courtship – Echidnas form a line – The female in front and sometimes 2 or 3 or more males following her around.   Males will travel great distances to join the ‘train’.  We spotted this “love train” in Winter  – just outside our house.  Over Spring we noticed a lot of Echidna activity around the forest near Acacia Cottage.  Lots of dirt dug over – looking for a meal of ants and other critters.  We haven’t yet, but it would be wonderful to see a Puggle or two – Puggle is the name of a baby Echidna. 

Echidna 'love train' at Johanna river farm and cottages Great Ocean Road Otways