Do you have ornithological tendencies?  Bird watching around Johanna river farm and cottages is very popular with our guests.  The coastal regions of the Great Ocean Road and the forests of the Otway National Park offer a feast for bird watchers.   


Each of our cottage has a Bird Watching book to assist our guests in identifying the array of birds which visit the cottage gardens and forests around the farm.  If you need some binoculars, ask us.

Australian native birds such as the Spinebills and variety of Honeyeaters love the fuscia bushes outside the kitchen windows of the cottages.  Crimson rosellas swoop through the gardens at high speed, and the bassian thrush scurry around the lawn areas. 


The rarely seen Rufous Bristle Bird can be seen scurrying around the cottage gardens and there is always a Black Satin Bower Bird building his bower somewhere – He really loves our two bedroom cottage –  Teatree Cottage –  Guests often spot him collecting blue coloured treasures to decorate his bower with. 


Wild and rugged – a Southern Ocean beach,  Johanna Beach is just down the road.  Its also a treat with a variety of seabirds visiting the coastline.   The endangered Hooded Plover nests on the high tide mark.  Their nesting sites are often sectioned off to protect them and monitored to record their population and well being. 


The superb Blue Fairy Wren is possibly one of the favorites and reside at the farm year round.  You’re sure to see a family of Superb Blue Fairy wrens hopping around the cottages.


Seasonal favorites include the gang gang cockatoos, silver eyes, golden robins, red fantails, and red wattle birds.   The wedge tail eagles are mesmerising to watch gliding on air currents above the cottages.  


A favorite place to sit is down in the fern gully orchard walk area.  Once you settle, the canopy of trees and ferns come alive with little wrens, fan tails, and robins.  

The Acacia – our fully self contained one bedroom spa cottage is situated on the banks of a large pond.  Lots of activity on the pond with water birds visiting – wood ducks, cranes, and waterfowl.  


There’s a cacophony of noise as birds settle down for the evening and the laughing Kookaburras call in night fall. It doesn’t stop there.    Once it’s dark, much later in the evening you can hear boobook owls calling each other and one night last Spring we heard a barking owl.  Magic.

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