Johanna river farm and cottages is a 280 acre working sheep farm.  We have approximately 300 sheep on the farm at the moment.   The breed of our sheep are White Suffolk Rams and cross breed ewes.  Our Rams (the boys) meet up with our Ewes (the girls) on Australia day (late summer) for about 9 weeks and then we separate the boys and girls.  Five months later – in winter – our lambs (baby sheep) begin to arrive. 


We have a wonderful old shearing shed and all our work with the sheep is done here.  We bring all the ewes, and rams, and lambs in about 6 or 7 times a year  for shearing, checking on their wellbeing, administering their vitamins, drench, and medications.   Everything is seasonal – Winter for lambing, Summer for shearing. 

Shearing the sheep Johanna river farm and cottages